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How to Eat Cheaply When Traveling Abroad

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Traveling to different countries can be an exciting adventure, but sometimes eating out can get expensive. When you’re on a budget, it can be difficult to find affordable meals that also offer a taste of local cuisine. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to eat cheaply when traveling abroad.

By shopping at local markets and trying street food, you can enjoy authentic dishes without spending too much money. In this article, we’ll explore some practical tips and strategies that will help you stretch your budget and eat like a local.

Are you ready to start planning your next culinary adventure? Keep reading to find out how to eat cheaply when traveling abroad.

When you’re traveling on a budget, it can be challenging to indulge in some of the delicious dishes you see around you. But when you know how to shop and where to eat, you can make the most of your travels without breaking the bank.

The best way to explore new destinations is through their food. Eating cheaply doesn’t mean compromising on the quality and taste of the food.

Shop at Local Markets and Street Stalls

One of the best ways to eat cheaply when traveling abroad is to shop at local markets. Not only will you find fresh produce at a fraction of the price of supermarkets, but you’ll also get a taste of local culture. Try to find markets that sell street food too, so you can sample some of the local dishes.

Make sure to get there early in the morning when everything is fresh, and don’t be afraid to negotiate prices. By buying local ingredients and cooking your own meals, you can save a lot of money compared to eating out every day.

Shop at Local Markets and Street Stalls

Look for Fresh Produce

When you’re on a budget, it’s important to make every dollar count. That’s why shopping for fresh produce at local markets is a great way to save money on food when you’re traveling abroad. Not only will you find great deals, but you’ll also get to try new fruits and vegetables that you may not have seen before.

Make sure to ask the vendors about their products and how they’re grown, so you can e confident that you’re getting quality produce. And don’t forget to bargain to get the best price!

Try Local Street Food

Another way to eat cheaply when traveling abroad is to indulge in local street food. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also delicious and a great way to get a taste of the local cuisine.

Look for street vendors that have long lines or locals eating, as it’s a good sign that the food is fresh and tasty. And don’t be afraid to try something new—you might find your new favorite dish!

Try Street Food

One of the best ways to experience local cuisine on a budget is to sample the street food. Often sold by local vendors or at food carts, street food is usually cheap and delicious. It can be a great way to try new dishes, or enjoy old favorites in a new setting.

When trying street food, it’s important to pay attention to hygiene. Look for vendors with clean equipment and plenty of customers, as this usually indicates a good reputation. Try to avoid vendors that leave food uncovered or have visibly dirty utensils.

Street food is a great way to eat cheaply when traveling abroad. It’s usually fresh, tasty, and a great way to get a glimpse of local culture.

Be Adventurous

One of the best things about street food is the variety. From grilled meats to fresh fruit, you’re likely to find something that suits your taste. But don’t be afraid to step outside your culinary comfort zone and try something new. After all, this is the best way to experience local flavors and ingredients.

Try to find street food that’s not expensive but is high-quality, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Ask for Recommendations

When trying to find the best street food, sometimes the locals know best. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or suggestions. They may have a favorite vendor or dish that you haven’t heard of yet. Also, check online reviews to see what others have said about the vendor or the particular food you’re interested in.

But at the most basic level, street food is a great way to experience local food culture and find affordable eats when traveling abroad.

Pack Snacks and Picnic Meals

One of the easiest ways to save money on food when traveling abroad is to pack your own snacks and picnic meals. This is an especially good strategy if you’re staying in a hostel or Airbnb with access to a kitchen.

Before your trip, visit a local grocery store and stock up on non-perishable items like granola bars, nuts, and crackers. These items are easy to pack and can be quickly assembled into a meal. You can also prepare some homemade sandwiches or wraps and pack them in a container for a picnic-style lunch.

Having your own snacks and meals on hand will not only save you money but also allow you to explore more and not have to worry about finding a restaurant when you’re hungry.

Pro tip: Check local regulations on food and drinks in public places before planning a picnic lunch.

Try Local Street Food

One of the best ways to experience local cuisine on a budget is by trying out street food. Many countries have a vibrant street food culture, and you can often find delicious and authentic meals for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant meal.

Do some research before your trip to find out about the most popular street food vendors and stalls in the area. Be adventurous and try out some dishes that you may have never heard of before!

Note: Always make sure that the food has been cooked properly and is safe to eat.

Join Food Tours

If you’re looking to discover new dishes and learn more about the local cuisine, joining a food tour can be a great option. These tours are often led by locals who are passionate about their city’s food scene and can take you to some of the best spots that are off-the-beaten-path.

Food tours can also help you learn more about the history and culture of the region through its food. Some tours may even include cooking classes or visits to local markets to buy ingredients.

While food tours may be pricier than other options on this list, the experience and knowledge gained can be priceless.

Join Food Tours

Visit Local Markets

A great way to experience the local cuisine and save money at the same time is by visiting local markets. Not only can you find fresh produce and ingredients for a DIY picnic lunch, but you can also try out some of the street food vendors that are often found in markets.

Visiting markets can also be a fun cultural experience, as you’ll get to see vendors selling a variety of unique products and witness the hustle and bustle of the local trade.

Research Restaurant Deals

While eating out can be pricier than other options, there are ways to save money by researching restaurant deals and specials. Check online before your trip to see if there are any vouchers or discounts available for popular restaurants in the area.

Alternatively, look for restaurants that offer lunchtime deals or early bird specials. Many restaurants also have affordable and filling lunch menus that can be a good option.

Pro tip: Ask locals for their recommendations on budget-friendly restaurants in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are some tips to eat cheaply when traveling abroad?

    You can shop at local markets and street stalls, try street food, pack snacks and picnic meals, and join food tours.

  • How can shopping at local markets and street stalls help in eating cheaply?

    Local markets and street stalls offer fresh produce and prepared foods at lower prices as compared to restaurants and cafes.

  • What is street food and how is it beneficial when traveling abroad?

    Street food is prepared and sold on the streets, usually by local vendors. It is inexpensive and offers a unique culinary experience, allowing travelers to try new and authentic foods.

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